Block Captain Dan Episode 8: Loophole (SERIES)

Turns out the law in North Hollywood is not airtight. #Chuckler #BlockCaptainDan

Block Captain Dan Episode 7: Hearing Things (SERIES)

Technological advancements are being made in North Hollywood. The only downside is it attracts some weirdos. #Chuckler #BlockCaptainDan

Block Captain Dan Episode 6: Unexpected Guests (SERIES)

Our vigilant block captain takes matter into his own hands when he spots two intruders in someone's home. What could go wrong? #BlockCaptainDan #Chuckler

Block Captain Dan Episode 5: Male Thief (SERIES)

How to stop a mail thief! #BlockCaptainDan #Chuckler

Block Captain Dan Episode 4: Doggy Driver (SERIES)

Overzealous Neighborhood Watch guy gets adorable Pomeranian puppy as sidekick! #BlockCaptainDan #Chuckler

Block Captain Dan Episode 3: Role Play (SERIES)

TFW when you stumble into some 50 Shades and then your brother shows up unexpectedly in a clown suit. #BlockCaptainDan #Chuckler

Block Captain Dan Episode 2: Don't Jump! (SERIES)

This is what happens when you try to save someone's life! #BlockCaptainDan #Chuckler

Block Captain Dan Episode 1: Free Covfefe (SERIES)

This guy keeps the neighborhood safe! But who keeps the neighborhood safe from Block Captain Dan?? #BlockCaptainDan #Chuckler

Los Angeles-based comedy lifers Damon Zwicker, Travis Draft, David Storrs, and Jon Huck (Scare Tactics, Scare Pewdiepie, David Spade’s Fameless, King Of The Nerds, Chris Webber’s Full Court Pranks) protect and serve in this oddball comedy series about the lone overeager member of a Burbank, California Neighborhood Watch.