Comics Narrate PSAs

Comics Narrate PSAs: The Miracle of Reproduction

Gilbert Gottfried narrates a PSA ruining sex for humans, cows, and countless other species.

Comics Narrate PSAs: Why Take Chances

Mike O'Gorman on basically never letting your kids leave the house.

Comics Narrate PSAs: Live & Learn

We take comedians and have them re-do old PSA's, like this one warning kids not to play with guns or fall of cliffs. Normal kid stuff like that.

Comics Narrate PSAs: The Dangerous Stranger

Chris Fairbanks narrates a PSA teaching children how to be cautious of strangers, because strangers are usually murderers or pedophiles. (SERIES)

Comics Narrate PSAs: Bad Habits w. Marianne Sierk

We take old PSAs and gives them a new voice! Marianne Sierk teaches you how to fit in with teenage girls!

Comics Narrate PSAs: Talking Car w/ Mike Trainor

Mike Trainor gives tips for kids on pedestrian safety.

Comics Narrate PSAs: As Boys Grow

Thanks for teaching us all about puberty, Bryan Callen!

Comics Narrate PSAs: Boys Beware

Judy Gold on how to avoid the Kevin Spaceys out there.

Comics Narrate PSAs: Harm Hides at Home w/ Brendon Walsh

This unintentionally funny PSA from the 60's is about being abducted by aliens and burning down the house. We think? See if you can figure it out.

Public Service Announcements from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s taught generations of kids how to avoid perverted strangers, act like a lady, and avoid taking awesome hallucinogenic drugs. In Comics Narrate PSA’s, comedians provide their own, updated, 2018-style voice over. Starring Gilbert Gottfried, Mike O’Gorman, Marianne Sierk, Mike Trainor, Chris Fairbanks, Judy Gold, Mike Britt, Bryan Callen, Brendon Walsh, and Kevin McCaffrey.