Philly Court

Philly Court Episode 8: New Judge! (SERIES)

He fought the law and...nobody won...except us! #PhillyCourt #SeasonFinale #Chuckler

Philly Court Episode 7: Deadbeat Douchery (SERIES)

Philly Court's in session and its got its own set of Parenting Rules. Also: OUTTAKES! #PhillyCourt #Chuckler

Philly Court Episode 6: Dirty on Percs (SERIES)

Pills, M-80's & Windbreakers. Don't take the law into your own...hand. #PhillyCourt #Chuckler

Philly Court Episode 5: Read It Back (SERIES)

Philly Court Episode 5 is in sesssion: Don't mess with the parking space! Also: 3 lunchtime margaritas: good or bad idea? Jury's out. #PhillyCourt #Chuckler

Philly Court Episode 4: The Real Doll (SERIES)

The heart wants what the heart wants...even if it's your friend's Real Doll...#PhillyCourt #Chuckler

Philly Court Episode 3: Murder (SERIES)

All Rise: Philly Court Episode 3 is now in session and one juror has great time-saving skills. And pickles.

Philly Court Episode 2: Things Get Heated (SERIES)

This episode of Philly Court is all about Justice! And Heating and Air Conditioning....and sometimes roofing. #PhillyCourt #Chuckler

Philly Court Episode 1: Twisted System! (SERIES)

PHILLY COURT! New Episodes 1PM every Thursday. It's like Judge Judy if WAY more of the cases involved illegal fireworks and Twisted Teas...TAG a Philly native! #PhillyCourt #Chuckler

Writer/comedian John McKeever’s (Comedy Central, MTV) hilariously edgy Philadelphia-based courtroom series is like Judge Judy, if WAY more of the cases involved Percocet and illegal fireworks. Featuring Ashlee Rose Toll, Brandon Vincent Jackson, Ed Wasser, Eoin O’Shea, Tim Butterly, and Mary Radzinski. Edited by John Laprade.