Therapy Diary

Therapy Diary: Antisocial-itus, Session 5 (SERIES)

Sometimes it's hard to know which voice in your head to listen to. (SERIES)

Therapy Diary: Face Your Fears, Session 4 (SERIES)

Sometimes you gotta break up to make up. (SERIES)

Therapy Diary: Give It Three Weeks, Session 3 (SERIES)

You probably shouldn't date your therapist. (SERIES)

Therapy Diary: Love & Therapy, Session 2 (SERIES)

A comedy short about being attracted to your therapist. (SERIES)

Therapy Diary: Inside Voices, Session 1 (SERIES)

When everyone around you is telling you you need to go to therapy!

A dark and brilliantly twisted howl of anguished hilarity from electronic music artist Seven Davis Jr (Ninja Tune, Apron Records, Must Have Records, Classic Music Company, Secret Angels) Therapy Diary is a classically-animated black-and-white cartoon series about one man’s dawning awareness that self-knowledge avails him…nothing.